Information about Movistar Spain pack.

Pack Movistar Spain

Tarifa TOTAL 20€ / 28 Days – Spain 140GB / Roaming 19GB

Tarifa PREMIUM 15€ / 28 Days – Spain 80GB / Roaming 15GB

Tarifa PLUS 10€ / 28 Days – Spain 40GB / Roaming 10GB

If it’s not enough, Buy More GB in Roaming

Read How to save mobile traffic.

ATTENTION. The tariff is valid for 28 days.

After 28 days, the subscription fee will be charged automatically (if there is an amount on the balance) and a new package for 28 days with GB and Minutes will be activated.

If you have spent GB traffic and the tariff is still active, it is impossible to update the package ahead of time.

Solution is to change the tariff from your personal account to a lower one and it will be activated immediately for 28 days, or buy MOVISTAR BONO.

You can add to cart and pay how much Bonus you need. No limit!

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